Livorno Drawer 85 cm Bathroom Cabinet

WASHBASIN: Ceramic Basin

BODY: Melamine Chipboard

COVER: Thermoformed Coating

TOP MODULE: Framed Round Mirror

COLORS: Matte White / Gold Handle, Matte White / Chrome Handle, Matte Anthracite / Gold Handle, Matte Anthracite / Chrome Handle

MEASUREMENTS: 85cm, 105cm


Livorno Drawer Bathroom Cabinet

Measurements: 85 cm, 105 cm

Color options: Matte White-Gray

Sink: Ceramic Basin

Sink type: Shelf

Wall-mounted/Freestanding: Wall-mounted

Benefits: Hygienic, scratch-resistant, easy to clean


Drawers close softly thanks to the brake rails, preventing problems that may arise from abrupt closing.

The hanger element ensures secure use in hanging products due to its carrying capacity.

Mirrors are splash-proof.

The mirror is an ecological mirror, containing no lead or copper.

Automotive-grade silicone and double-sided tape are used in the mirror and back sticking process, eliminating the risk of mirrors falling.

Free of carcinogenic substances, it does not adversely affect human health.

Sink Features:

Hygienic, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean.

Ceramic sinks are durable materials that can be used for many years.

Easy to clean and resistant to bacteria formation.


Melamine Chipboard

Polyurethane adhesive is used in the edge band, providing high resistance to water and heat.



Melamine Chipboard

Melamine chipboard is a material similar to particleboard. However, the melamine surface is more durable and resistant to scratches.

Drawers are fully extendable, allowing the full use of the drawer space.

Front surface features high-yellowing and scratch-resistant UV primer.

Hanger element features:

75 kg Carrying Capacity

Top module:

Lacquered Mirror


Top module shelf:


Top module features:

Resistant to high yellowing and scratching due to the use of UV primer.

Float glass and ecological mirror containing no copper or lead are used.

Product evaluation:

The Livorno drawer bathroom cabinet is a standout product with its stylish design and practical features. The ceramic sink is hygienic and resistant to scratches, while the melamine chipboard body is resistant to water and heat. The fully extendable drawers are highly resistant to yellowing and scratching. The 75 kg carrying capacity of the hanger element ensures safe use. Mirrors are splash-proof.

The product is offered in Matte White-Gray color option and is available in two different sizes: 85 cm and 105 cm.

The Livorno drawer bathroom cabinet is an ideal product that will give your bathroom a modern and stylish look.

Livorno Çekmeceli

Data sheet

Body veneer
Melamin Yonga Levha
door veneer
Thermoform Kaplama
Washbasin Color
Drawer/Door Option
Soft close drawer
Washbasin type
Washbasin with shelf
Mat Antrasit
Mat Beyaz
Fixing type
Mirror type
Framed eclological mirror