Göksu 85 cm Bathroom Cabinet

WASHBASIN: Ceramic Basin

BODY: Melamine Chipboard

COVER: Matte Lacquered MDF Hinged Lid

TOP MODULE: Mirror Cabinet

COLORS: Matte White, Irony / Matte White

MEASUREMENTS: 65cm, 85cm, 100cm


Göksu Basin Cabinet

Göksu basin cabinet 


Göksu basin cabinet

Dimensions: 65 cm, 85 cm, 100 cm


Sink: Ceramic

Shelf: Shelf

Hanging/Footed: Hanging

Benefits: Hygienic, scratch-resistant, easy to clean


Soft-close hinges prevent the doors from slamming shut, preventing damage from hard closing.

The hanging element has a carrying capacity that ensures safe use in hanging products.

The cabineted upper module provides users with more storage space.

There is a towel rack under the upper module. This eliminates the need for an extra towel rack.

The mirrors are protected from splashes.

The mirror is an ecological mirror because it does not contain lead or copper.

The mirror is glued to the back of the mirror using silicone, which is also used in the automotive industry. Double-sided tape is used to support the curing process of the silicone. For this reason, there is no risk of the mirrors falling.

It does not contain carcinogenic substances, so it does not harm human health.

Sink features: Hygienic, scratch-resistant, easy to clean.


Melamine chipboard

Polyurethane glue is used in the edge band.

This glue is a glue with very high resistance to water and heat.



The paint used is of Italian origin, internationally recognized ISO 9001 certified, has color stability, gives a smooth feeling to the touch and allows us to create quality topcoats.

The primer is UV, so it is resistant to high yellowing and scratching.

The joints on the cover are obtained with a special blade using a CNC machine.

Front surface features: UV primer resistant to high yellowing and scratching

Shelf feature: 75 kg carrying capacity

Upper module:

Cabineted mirror and shelf module


The edge band used in the upper module is polyurethane glue.

This glue is a glue with very high resistance to water and heat.

Spot-lit top rail

Flotal-E and ecological mirror is used.

Product evaluation:

The Göksu basin cabinet is a product that stands out with its stylish design and practical features. Its ceramic sink is hygienic and scratch-resistant. The melamine chipboard body is water and heat resistant. The MDFLAM+LAKE cover and drawers are resistant to high yellowing and scratching. The 75 kg carrying capacity of the hanging element ensures safe use. The cabineted upper module provides users with more storage space. The spot-lit mirror and towel rack increase functionality.

The product is available in IRONY-MAT WHITE color option. There are three different size options available, 65 cm, 85 cm and 100 cm.

The Göksu basin cabinet is an ideal product to give your bathroom a modern and stylish look.


Data sheet

Body veneer
Melamin Yonga Levha
door veneer
Mat Lake MDF
Washbasin Color
Drawer/Door Option
Soft close door
Washbasin type
Washbasin with shelf
Mat Beyaz
Fixing type
Mirror type
Mirror cabinet